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The undiluted champion

Smooths operations

Cold brewed coffee is a unique way of producing a fruity smooth, less bitter coffee by steeping ground coffee beans in cold filtered water for up to 24 hours.


Natural sweetness, no nonsense

Using no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no added sugar makes our cold brewed coffee a great alternative to sodas or energy drinks for anyone in need of a tasty, long lasting caffeine boost.


Made with care

We produce this beautiful beverage in small batches, always dedicated to the highest quality. Carefully bottled, ready-to-drink for you. All day, everyday.


A Journey in Good Spirits

Essential element


Our journey begins with one love. The love and joy that is coffee.

A love for something so essential, that it became a commodity.



Daily delight


Coffee is part of our everyday, but is harvested only once a year. While it can be consumed at
every street corner, it needs to be shipped from exotic far away places around the equator. Often reduced 

to only a small part of a large milk beverage, coffee when rightly treated has more aromas than wine.

Coffee is truly special. This is why we produce a specialty coffee beverage that can be enjoyed in its purest form.



A new found truth


Our green coffees are carefully selected, then precisely roasted to their full potential,
professionally brewed by us and finally neatly packaged.

Connecting the origin and the consumer, giving coffee the elegance and appreciation it deserves. 

This is how we take the new found truths of the third wave coffee movement
and send them to you as a message in a bottle.

How our brew can have all that power

The grounds are steeping, we just count the hours.

Gentle light roast

Brings out the fruitiness:

Coffee beans are the seed of a fruit. By roasting we combine their enzymatic flavors with sugar caramelization flavors to give a complex, sweet and pleasant taste. Using a light roast makes sure sugars are caramellized and not burnt, while developing all the subtle pleasant-ness hidden in the coffee. The right roast profile is the key factor for tasting the origin of our coffees.

Filtered vitalised water

Slow extraction

Adds nothing but purity:

The water for our coffee is of a very special kind. First we use an active carbon filter to make sure any traces of pollutants that might be left in our local water are filtered out. Then we give it just the right mineral content for a perfect extraction of our coffees. By finally swirling our precisely mineralised water in an UMH device, our 
beverages have the softness and texture of crystal clear spring water.

Leaves away the bitterness:


When brewing coffee with cold water there is one key ingredience: Patience. Depending on the origin and roast of the coffee it takes up to 24 hours until our cold brewed coffee has absorbed all the flavors of the ground coffee beans. Using no pressure and no heat in the extraction process leaves us with all the great coffee taste and none of the nasty bitter stuff. Always remember, a cold brewer's motto must be: Don't hurry. Time is of the essence.


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