July 4, 2016

Are you ready for exciting caffeinated summertime refreshments? Here are 4 of our all time favorites. 

Try em tonight and tell us about your favorite!


Coco Moon


Mint (optional but highly recommended)

100 ml Coconut water

50 ml BLACK MOON Cold Brew

This o...

May 2, 2016

 ..if you don t train your palate regularly. 


The ability to taste and smell isn't something you can read about in books, it is something you need to learn by doing. You need to actually eat and drink and smell in order to save that experience in your memory.

What sound...

March 29, 2016

I love bitters!

There I said it. I love beer, tonic, dark chocolate and most of all grapefruit. 

That doesn't mean I like my coffee dark and roasty. When coffee is roasted too dark the bitterness takes over the taste game and is then the only flavor that can be perceive...

April 29, 2015


What if you leave out the espresso machine, the grinder and the water kettle in your coffee shop? Could you still call it a coffee shop? Me and my colleagues at Good Spirits set up a pop up cafe just like that, delicious coffee without the equipment.

For this café we c...

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A Journey In Good Spirits

It was all a dream, we used to read barista magazines.

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