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4 mind blowing cold brew mocktails/cocktails

Are you ready for exciting caffeinated summertime refreshments? Here are 4 of our all time favorites.

Try em tonight and tell us about your favorite!


Coco Moon


Mint (optional but highly recommended)

100 ml Coconut water

50 ml BLACK MOON Cold Brew

This one is a double whammy when it comes to waking you up: cold brew gives you the caffeine you need and coconut water revitalizes you naturally with antioxidants.

Take that, sleepiness!

The classic bubbles

Cold Brew Tonic


Grapefruit wedge

100 ml Tonic water

50 ml BLACK MOON Cold Brew

You gotta love this classic! Bubbly refreshment all the way. Add your favorite gin and it s a party!

Silky seduction

Skinny Frappe


100 ml NORTHERN LIGHT Cold Brew

2 tsp brown sugar syrup

This one is for advanced home supply: you will need to stir the ingredients on ice with a little help from a milk shake maker. If you don t have this, you can also use an electric milk frother instead, anything that spins air quickly into your coffee. With both options, stir until you get a microbubbly silky foam. You dont need milk for it.

This creamy ice cold sweet drink will satisfy all your cravings!

Getting boozy

Midnight hour rum sour


Lemon zest

5 cl dark rum


1 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cl brown sugar syrup

This will be a classy after dinner drink, that excites with caffeinating sweetness and exciting lemon refreshment. Shake all ingredients well on ice, pour into a tumbler and serve.

Be ready to take that applause as this drink is prime time entertainment.

This article first appeared on, an international, award winning coffee education website.

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