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Nobody's Darling - a recipe

Remembering this great day, when the mailman rang the bell twice to hand over a package from Hannover. The nice guys over at NIEMAND sent us a sample of their fine product. Sweet baby Jesus, we said, NIEMAND Dry Gin and BLACK MOON cold brew will be a match made in heaven.

Let's introduce you to our fancy version of an all time classic in Good Spirits history:

Nobody's Darling

5 cl BLACK MOON cold brewed coffee

5 cl NIEMAND Dry Gin

4cl Hibiscus-rose-grapefruit tonic

6cl soda

ice cubes

Fill a glass of your choice with ice, add all non coffee ingredients first. Pour in cold brew slowly to finish. If you do it right, cold brew will float on top. Makes it look pretty.

Slice up a rhubarb stick, or use grapefruit zest or a raspberry. Seasonal decoration is recommended.

Feel free to try any tonic you like, but trust me: once you've tasted a homemade tonic that bridges the other ingredients, you don't wanna go back.

Stay tuned for the hibiscus-rose-grapefruit tonic recipe!

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